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A fresh approach for 2022

As a service to my readers, I have decided to publish articles (and sometimes extracts from existing published books), which I hope inspires you and raises your spirits. This is something sorely needed at this time when we are faced with a tide of fear porn. It remains critically important to maintain your inner balance. while still sifting through the fake news for the truth. Yes indeed, the truth shall set you free, but only if you maintain sanity and balance, unaffected by flattery or insult.

Our first contribution in this series is David Ash, our brilliant and enlightened author from the UK.

The Meaning of Ascension

The language used in ancient times was a means of power and purpose as well as communication. It was the ancient language of living light. This universal language of light involved the projection of living information in quantum-like units intended to convey organic intelligence in concise yet comprehensive informational content. 

This was the means by which the Kumaras – the princes – set up the living templates of organic life – DNA and RNA – which enabled the emergence of proteins and living cells. It was also the means by which arrow-like projectiles of immense power were used in the warfare described in the epic poem, the Mahabharata. The use of words of living light as words of power in warfare was a perversion of the original use of ‘the Word’ which led to the downfall of humanity. 

Understanding ‘the Word’ in terms of individualised projections of intelligence as living light rather than atmospheric compressions – sound –  enables us to understand the first verse of John’s Gospel ‘In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God’. It also enables us to appreciate how the Word could become flesh and dwell amongst men. 

Christ was an incarnation of Sananda Kumara, also known as Archangel Michael. He was an incarnation of the Word because the Kumaras – also known as the Elohim – were the projections of living light sent out from Unitary Consciousness to set up the templates of biological life throughout the Universe – including the watery planet Earth – from which evolution enabled the emergence of species. 

Living modules of intelligence as modulated fields of light were projected from the Kumaras as ‘life fields’ of design that led to the formation and still uphold the differentiation of the living cells from which all life forms have evolved. These fractal projections have been described as Devas, Angels and elementals i.e. Michael and his ‘projected’ host of angels. 

The informational projections of living light from Source Consciousness – God – described as the ‘Sons of God’ have the ability to merge back into Universal Consciousness after they have completed a mission until they emerge again on another. This return to Source has been called ‘ascension’

Ascension is an opportunity for us all because as souls we are sons and daughters of God. We are projections of living light from Source Consciousness, on a mission to Earth to assist in the evolution of Consciousness. We have the potential, on our ascension, to merge back into the Unity of Consciousness from which we came – our true home – until we choose to project ourselves into another adventure or on another mission. 

While on ascension we may merge with Unitary Consciousness we do not lose our sovereign state of individuality and self-determination described as free will because at the ultimate source of our being, while we maintain our individuality we are forever Unitary Consciousness. We are like molecules of water that have emerged from an ocean to form raindrops to water the land. Now we are heading back in streams and rivers to the ocean again. Wherever we are, whether merged in the ocean or separated in raindrops, we never lose our identity as molecules of water. That is the nature of quantum reality that underlies the Universe: The whole is made up of the parts.

Copyright David Ash 05/02/2022

If you enjoyed this then I invite you to get further into this topic by buying David’s masterpiece Awaken. Do it now so that you won’t regret it later.

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The Multi Dimensional Universe

New title

We are thrilled to announce or new title by Colin Joe Byrne whom so many of you have been following, especially on his weekly shows with Kerry K Samadhi. As you know, Colin’s material can be profound, so it is helpful to have it in a form you can see.

Please click on this link to buy.

This is the first in a series so you can look forward to some more treats in the months to come. The next one will be “Human Potential” followed by “Soul Evolution”, “Attitudes of Mastery”, “Energy Fields and Ley Lines”, “Fallen Angels”, “Soul Warriors” and “The Construct of the Soul” in no particular order. If you have a particular interest pleas let us know and we can then prioritise accordingly.

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We are truly excited to offer a pivotal new book by the accomplished David Ash. For the moment it is only available directly from us, and will only be available from bookshops in two months. It consists of seven volumes in one compendium covering Myths in Modern Physics, (why quarks do not exist amongst others), The New Vortex Theory, (covering the latest developments in the Theory of Everything; Vortex theory), Vortex Cosmology (our place in the cosmos and how creation works), The Origin of Life (and all that is), Soul and Spirit (covering the spiritual aspects of life and how they are credible in terms of vortex physics), Miracles and Magic (an explanation of how the magic of Sathya Sai Baba and others works), and finally The Prophecy as given by Peter Deunov of Bulgaria,  the most important and accurate prophecy of modern times.

We are offering each of these volumes as e-books at a special introductory price of only $0.99. You will find them on Amazon as well as our web site.

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