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Book Launch

Tanya de Villiers  will be hosting a fun book launch at Skoobs in Montecasino, near Fourways Johannesburg on Saturday Morning 25th. February at 10.00. She will be offering interactive readings for big or small kids, copies of her wonderful book for sale as well as snacks for the grown ups and cupcakes for the kids.

For those who cannot get there and would still like to order the book, please click here. Continue reading

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Exciting new titles

We are really happy to announce five new titles all published in the last couple of months.

Two titles by Belinda Bras-Nel complement each other very well.

Awakening to Angels – How the Angels saved my Life delivers solid and uplifting content about how the angelic realm can help you in your daily life. More here (SA) or from Amazon.

Although the Angel of Death sounds like a grim subject Belinda approaches it with a realness that is comforting to those of us who have lost someone dear to us (and who of us hasn’t?). She includes several true life stories of transitioning to the afterlife as experienced by family members, which gives the book an appealing human quality. More here (SA) or from Amazon.

Children’s books are a new departure for us, but we could just not resist this charming production by Tanya de Villiers with appealing art by Marilie Fouché, especially since it will lead to children leading happier lives. It contains the EFT basic recipe for parents to help their kids overcome issues of unhappiness by tapping out what’s bothering them. More here (SA) or from Amazon.

I am guessing that we all know that the existing system of Law and Life, so long  a system of vassaldom, has to change. Natural Law is a system of justice which works for everybody and this treatise on how it can gradually be introduced is a brilliant in its clarity and outright common sense. More here (SA) or from Amazon.

The words we speak (or even think) can, according to the author, make or break us. Mo is an expert in how language (the spoken or written word or even subconscious languages like hand writing) can influence and change our lives. This book will inspire you to look at how you really express yourself and thus to make fundamental improvements to your quality of life. More here (SA) or Amazon.

Black Friday Sale (which lasts until the 21st December) for South African customers.

We decided to hold a Black Friday Sale which (to be generous) will last right up to Christmas. Our whole Floris Book range became to expensive for our local customers, so we bought the whole stock from them at a much reduced price and can now offer these wonderful volumes at up to an 80% reduction. It includes a lovely range of full colour case bound children’s books, never before offered. To this we added overstock items of our own which we now offer at absurdly low prices. They make wonderful Festive Season presents for thinking people. They are too many to list here, but we invite you to visit our web site for more information.

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Mammoth Sale

We have some really great news for all you readers out there. We have just slashed prices in some cases by as much as 75% which means that bargains are to be had across most titles in our range. Exceptions are front list titles and those for which we hold minimal stocks.

I am sure you are aware of the bad exchange rate between British Pound and the Rand, which has put the wonderful books of Floris Books out of reach for many. I have just negotiated a deal with Floris to buy the balance of the stock at a much reduced price. To use one example, a book that used to cost R345.00, now costs only R86.00. We will hold these prices while stocks last. In some cases we only have four copies in stock, so if you want something it would be best to order now to avoid disappointment later.

Please have a look on our web site now for a feast of reading at prices we are likely to never repeat. At these prices the books also make wonderful gifts, especially if you are on a budget.

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The Passing View

It is a truism that everything is changing very rapidly these days and especially so in the world of books and content. The role and relevance of bricks and mortar bookstores has become outdated. The pressure has been mounting for some years now on the traditional bookstore model and on retail in general.

What have been the main driving factors? Firstly e-readers have taken a big slice out of bookstore turnover and who can blame the public what with instant delivery wherever you are, and a choice of millions of books, many of them free. Secondly the practice of Showrooming must have made a difference too. Amazon now has a free App which allows one to scan any barcode and immediately give you the Amazon price for it, which of course is always cheaper because they do not pay the high rentals that Malls demand. The customer can order the item right there and then from their phone and get prompt and reliable delivery usually within two days.

As publishers we have been itching to get away from the need to supply bookstores because of the Sale or Return requirement (they essentially borrow our books), the large trade discount of 47.5% (which means that 52.5% has to cover the cost of everything else – printing, advertising, plus the cost of the courier to get that one book to them plus author royalties) and the endless problems in actually getting paid (sometimes months later).  Now we are getting our wish because local (South African) bookstores have radically cut down on their approved vendors in an effort to cut costs. We and other small independent publishers are not on the list.

Authors and readers still want to know which bookstores will stock their book, but this is no longer happening. It is better by far for the author to sell their own book and make a profit at it by building up their own support base, both online and physically through workshops, lectures and other exposure. They are the trusted source for their specialty and who could be more passionate about their book?


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Mad March Hare Specials

We have been having a look at some of our older and under-appreciated titles and realise that we can offer incredible value on them, so in the next few days I will be posting these offers. They will be available until the end of March.

John Poynton writes exceptionally well, easy and flowing writing that carries you forward and telling an important story about the spiritually transformative effects of the Wilderness Experience.

So the first of the offers will be John Poynton’s Transformation Series where every buyer will get for books for the price of two when bought through us. Read more here.

This applies to our South African readers. Readers in the U.S.A., the U.K. or Australia will have to click on the appropriate flag and choose their currency.

Amazon customers will get a FREE Kindle edition when purchasing any of his books.John Poynton


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A new level of desperation in bookstores?

We have known for some time that bookstores are struggling, but the latest two developments at Exclusive Books (South Africa’s biggest and most prestigious book chain) smack of a new level of either desperation or at least a change of tack from selling books. Let me explain.

Firstly, an edict has gone out from the owner that all book purchases (even of one book) now have to be approved by head office. It seems like they no longer trust the managers to buy even on sale or return. This is likely to work out in practice that an approved list will be developed which will include only books from the most popular authors and the two or three biggest publishing houses. This will exclude orders to all the smaller and independent publishers like ourselves.

This sounds like the death knell to smaller publishers, but in fact we have been working on what are known as special sales (non book store sales) for some time now and have become less dependent on book shops. Our main motivation was the wafer thin or non-existent profit margin in bookstore sales what with the high discounts (47.5% + 2.5% payment discount) demanded, the costs of courier delivery and the returns. It is sad to see them go, but in the end no loss to us.

Secondly, the owner of Exclusive Books has (or will shortly) establish a Tapas Bar as part of his flagship store (Hyde Park in Johannesburg). A Tapas Bar to add food to the mix . Personally I can’t see how this will bring in readers. Still it may be a profit center which will compensate for the losses in the bookstore. Good luck to him!

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Love based copywriting

I recently came across a system called Love Based Copywriting developed by Michele PW.

It is something I have been looking for for years and I am convinced that you as an author (or even not as an author) will find that this fresh approach just what you need to get away from fear based marketing and into a love based approach.

As she says, most traditional copywriting uses a fear based approach, emphasising that you are disempowered, sick, useless and socially unacceptable, and that is why it so often has a taste that is somewhat sleazy, slimy and second-hand-car-salesman-like, leaving a sour and bitter feeling behind. That, in essence, is why most people hate selling.

By contrast love-based copywriting gives one a feeling of joy in service and invites a positive response from your fans and customers.

I downloaded both the Kindle book and the workbook as a PDF and have been doing the exercises and developing new skills. The two books work together, with the text content in the book and the exercises in the work book. Fortunately I have a little tablet as well as a Kindle, so I can have them both open at the same time. I will gradually be re-writing our descriptions and our web site using this method.

Michele says that our first task is to get to know our ideal customer, what her (or his) needs are and what ‘keeps them awake at night’.  As part of this exercise, and to get to know you better I invite you to complete a quick eight question survey. We offer a FREE e-book (your choice from our web site) just for completing the easy questions. So how about giving it a go? Here is the link

Once again, grateful thanks to Michele PW for special gift of service. Highly recommended!

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Spreading the word

Nadine and I are constantly at work to spread the work of our authors as far and wide as we can. As you may know Nadine has been using the cover images to place on products on a whole range of shops, while I have been re-discovering Smashwords.

Smashwords has grown a lot in the last few years, with more options in terms of distribution and many more useful tools. I have to admit that in the early days it was not easy to get books accepted by Apple, mainly because of technical requirements for cross channel conversion, so I just gave up, using the excuse (partly true) that Apple e-book sales are only a small percentage of their business.

Getting e-books into acceptable shape for Apple is still complicated, but smashwords has provided all kinds of tips and tricks to get past the acceptance criteria. It has been a learning curve, but we now have a few books on Smashwords with a steady flow of more to follow. I started with authors that are most active in marketing.Here are some links for you to try:

Liesel Teversham

Nadine May

David Ash

Sharon Hamilton-Green

Smashwords also sells on the a number of other platforms including Flip Kart the biggest e-book retailer in India, which holds huge potential for our body, mind, spirit authors.

Baker & Taylor

gains access to libraries in the USA as well as their own selling platform.

Smashwords also has uselful tools to track the traffic on each book, views, sample downloads and actual purchases.

Please let me know if you would like your book enlisted in this program. It will require some support from you on the principle of “You help us. we help you”. We are excited about the prospects and hope that you are too.

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Keeping your book alive

Nadine May does most of the marketing of our books here at Kima Global and I can tell you that she is endlessly creative about it and puts in a LOT of effort. I suppose that it is the way of Life that  only a few respond and appreciate her efforts, but it is still disheartening to get no response or get plain ignored (except by the “Super Troopers”, the four authors out of the close to forty authors that we represent).

One of the Super Troopers responded with some good advice, not to focus on all those that are not active, but rather “follow the light” by acknowledging and supporting those who are actually active. That’s what we are going to do from now on.

To use a metaphor, those who paddle their canoes on the river of life may get to the ocean where the sun always shines, while those who don’t end up sunk or beached or bogged down in a marsh.

If you don’t want to end up in any of these circumstances this is an opportunity to re-engage some level of support for your excellent book by making a commitment to regularly visit and post to our Author’s page.

What happens if you don’t respond? In some ways nothing because we won’t chastise or berate you; we will leave you alone. On the other hand your book will die a slow death, which is a big shame after all the effort you have taken to produce your masterpiece.

In the end Nadine May and I hope to see more of you on this page. As always, constructive comments are always welcome.

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Getting your e-Book published

ebk banner

Have you got a manuscript that you feel is crying out to be published?

Our ambition is to make the whole process easy for you and to get you a pleasing and professional result that is exposed to the widest possible audience. Can you as a writer do this yourself at no cost? Short answer is “Yes you can.” but as usual in life the easiest way and cheapest way is not always the best.

We make sure that your book is as perfect as it is going to get

It is probably quite easy to do a sloppy job, but much more difficult to make a professional looking e-book. There are a number of tricks to making a good looking book and if you don’t know them then you can end up with a book with large gaps in the text or illustrations that float to the wrong page or even internal links that are inactive or incorrect. All these aspects lead to disappointment in your reader and thus a loss of reputation for you as the ‘publisher’.

What about an eye-catching cover?

It is possible to buy pre-designed covers, but they are usually not up to a good standard. At Kima Global we know what is good, what the latest trends in design are all about and what sells. A good cover design is part of the package we offer and we also include extra elements such as a Facebook banner for your fan page. We also like to get your input so that you are 100% satisfied with the result. Our professional designer appreciates some guidance from you as to your personal taste or a favourite image that you want to include. Our aim is to keep your enthusiasm for your book high, not only to please you, but also because if a writer loses interest in their book, then the energy behind it can evaporate like the morning dew.

What about distribution?

We have siged up with all the major sales channels (and we also reach quite a few smaller ones). These include the various branches of Amazon, Barnes & Noble (now second biggest seller to Amazon), Kobo, Chapters (Canada), Take a Lot (South Africa), Google Play and our own popular site with shops in the USA, the UK, South Africa and Australia.

Getting paid

We maintain a bank account in the USA to process payments from Amazon and use PayPal as a payment gateway to get the funnds home to us. Writers and self-publishers outside of the USA without a US bank account will only get paid by cheque when sales have reached a target (currently $100.00). Banks simply hate dealing with foreign cheques and put up major obstacles and charges (currently a fee of around $20.00 and six weeks to clear). With Kima Global you get sales reports every quarter and royalty payments twice a year.

How much does it cost?

To make an average sized e-book will cost you only $280.00, but this also includes a lot of extras such as:

  • typesetting and supply .epub and .mobi files
  • cover design
  • Supply Facebook banner
  • Upload to all major channels
  • marketing
  • managing payments

Royalty rate

On e-books we offer a royalty of 50% which to our knowledge is the best rate on offer anywhere. This is made possible because the writer makes a financial contribution which covers part of the cost of making the e-book, thus reducing our risk.

Can I also get a printed book published?

Generally yes. There are some costs involved, usually a further $280.00 plus a commitment to buy a minimum of 20 books. We offer these to you at a trade discount of 40% which will contribute to your financial recovery. The royalty rate on printed books is only 10% because of the additional costs involved (printing, delivery, large discounts given to bookstores, extended payment periods and cost of setting up and warehousing).

First steps to getting accepted for publication

Send us your complete manuscript for a free assessment. We will give you an honest opinion. We will also need a short author bio and details of your platform (social media presence, blog, web site, public lecture program, workshops given etc.)

We try to get back to you promptly with either a yes or a no. Once accepted it can take up to two months to completion.The time taken will be affected by the proof reading and correction process.

Is acceptance a given?

Quite honestly, no. We reject manuscripts for a variety of reasons some of which might be:

  • The manuscript needs a re-write or a serious editing /organising job done on it to get it into shape.
  • not enough word count. We generally look for between 50 000 and 70 000 words.
  • The subject doesn’t fit our list. We cover a wide range of genres from new economics to natural health and many in between, but we do not cover sport, religion, politics or poetry.
  • Anthologies of other people’s writings.

Being a member of the Kima Global Family of Authors

Every writer that gets accepted by us automatically joins the family. This brings distinct advantages, specifically the power of co-operation. Our authors are usually quite willing to give a hand up to debut authors and a lot can be learned from these experienced people.

In conclusion

We look forward to seeing your manuscript and hopefully being able to help you get your wonderful words out to the people who will be affected by them.

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