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Twenty-Fifth Birthday

It has been 25 years since we published our first book Rising out of Chaos by Simon Peter Fuller, which went to a second edition, has been translated into German and is still in print. Since then we have had many adventures in the world of publishing Body, Mind, Spirit books so I thought it would be appropriate to feature some of the higlights of that journey.

Between 2001 and 2010 we were regular exhibitors at the Frankfurter Buchmeße. During this time we sold many foreign rights (German, Czech, Brasilian and others). Eventually, the emergence of online rights markets and the declining value of the Rand made it no longer viable for us.

We also exhibited at many local trade fairs such as Natural & Organic, and Celebrate Life where we launched the concept of Café of Conversations which  we held in Johannesburg (Michael Oak) and in Cape Town (Baxter Theatre, Novalis Ubuntu Institute and Celebrate Life). Led by a well known MC, we had four or five authors on stage speaking to a popular but rather controversial topic with audience participation further into the evening. Travel costs and the decline of trade shows has prevented us from staging any more, which is sad.

Backed by this wide experience, we have an ongoing passion for assisting authors to make a difference to people’s lives. This is what we love to do. We walk our talk in this regard!



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Light Warrior Wisdom

We are delighted to announce our latest title by Beverley-Anne Bear. It is a nicely told summing up of what ascension to the fifth dimension really is in terms both of new science and higher consciousness spirituality. Beverley-Anne is passionate about her subject and what she writes has immense resonance with those who read it. It is available both as a physical book and an e-book. Read more or buy here

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Up and Running once again

Our hosting service provider has finally restored our site and we are once again up and running with new content to be uploaded shortly.

Strangely, we have been experiencing all kinds of connectivity issues lately; the latest that our wi-fi router suddenly and completely ‘lost its mind’. Our techie had to come to re-educate it.

It may have something to do with the monster storm we are experiencing right now…

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Down again

Just a heads up that we are aware that our web site is not visible right now. I have placed a ticket with our hosting company to restore from back up and I hope that they will do so soon. Very frustrating….


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Up and Running Again

It is a huge relief to us that our web site has now been cleaned of the malware and we are up and running again. All this thanks to the professional help of Courtney of She did a good job at an acceptable price.

Look out for new announcements in the coming days.

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Healthy Medicine

We are thrilled to have just published Healthy Medicine by Dr. Bernard Brom.

Healthy Medicine explains the simple principles which will guide you on your journey to health. It is not about techniques or remedies but rather about understanding why we get ill and our body moves towards disease and how to reverse this downward spiral.

Understanding what is happening when you or your clients are ill will empower you to ask the right questions and find creative ways to promote health rather than simply taking drugs to treat the symptoms.

This book provides the reader with an excellent overview of how healthy medicine can and should be. It is easy to read, informative and packed with personal anecdotes and case histories to illustrate points. It is a strong clarion call to move the practice of medicine forward to encompass a more integrative approach, in line with world-wide trends.

David M Nye Chairman SA Society of Integrative Medicine

Cost is R200.00 plus R50.00 for courier delivery.

Please send an email to and we will expedite your order.


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Crash and Burn

Our popular site has suffered a malware attack. We ask your indulgence while we go through this process of upgrading to a new template that will be more secure in the future.

We will be posting details of our newest titles here on this blog as a temporary measure. Please contact us on if you know what title you want and we can then get it to you. You are also welcome to phone us on +27(21)782-4463.

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Book Launch

Tanya de Villiers  will be hosting a fun book launch at Skoobs in Montecasino, near Fourways Johannesburg on Saturday Morning 25th. February at 10.00. She will be offering interactive readings for big or small kids, copies of her wonderful book for sale as well as snacks for the grown ups and cupcakes for the kids.

For those who cannot get there and would still like to order the book, please click here. Continue reading

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Exciting new titles

We are really happy to announce five new titles all published in the last couple of months.

Two titles by Belinda Bras-Nel complement each other very well.

Awakening to Angels – How the Angels saved my Life delivers solid and uplifting content about how the angelic realm can help you in your daily life. More here (SA) or from Amazon.

Although the Angel of Death sounds like a grim subject Belinda approaches it with a realness that is comforting to those of us who have lost someone dear to us (and who of us hasn’t?). She includes several true life stories of transitioning to the afterlife as experienced by family members, which gives the book an appealing human quality. More here (SA) or from Amazon.

Children’s books are a new departure for us, but we could just not resist this charming production by Tanya de Villiers with appealing art by Marilie Fouché, especially since it will lead to children leading happier lives. It contains the EFT basic recipe for parents to help their kids overcome issues of unhappiness by tapping out what’s bothering them. More here (SA) or from Amazon.

I am guessing that we all know that the existing system of Law and Life, so long  a system of vassaldom, has to change. Natural Law is a system of justice which works for everybody and this treatise on how it can gradually be introduced is a brilliant in its clarity and outright common sense. More here (SA) or from Amazon.

The words we speak (or even think) can, according to the author, make or break us. Mo is an expert in how language (the spoken or written word or even subconscious languages like hand writing) can influence and change our lives. This book will inspire you to look at how you really express yourself and thus to make fundamental improvements to your quality of life. More here (SA) or Amazon.

Black Friday Sale (which lasts until the 21st December) for South African customers.

We decided to hold a Black Friday Sale which (to be generous) will last right up to Christmas. Our whole Floris Book range became to expensive for our local customers, so we bought the whole stock from them at a much reduced price and can now offer these wonderful volumes at up to an 80% reduction. It includes a lovely range of full colour case bound children’s books, never before offered. To this we added overstock items of our own which we now offer at absurdly low prices. They make wonderful Festive Season presents for thinking people. They are too many to list here, but we invite you to visit our web site for more information.

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Mammoth Sale

We have some really great news for all you readers out there. We have just slashed prices in some cases by as much as 75% which means that bargains are to be had across most titles in our range. Exceptions are front list titles and those for which we hold minimal stocks.

I am sure you are aware of the bad exchange rate between British Pound and the Rand, which has put the wonderful books of Floris Books out of reach for many. I have just negotiated a deal with Floris to buy the balance of the stock at a much reduced price. To use one example, a book that used to cost R345.00, now costs only R86.00. We will hold these prices while stocks last. In some cases we only have four copies in stock, so if you want something it would be best to order now to avoid disappointment later.

Please have a look on our web site now for a feast of reading at prices we are likely to never repeat. At these prices the books also make wonderful gifts, especially if you are on a budget.

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