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We are now offering 100% royalty as an option

What do you get? We will edit, supply the ISBN and make your ebook. We will design a cover and a Facebook banner. Once you have  approved we will supply an .epub, a .mobi and a .pdf file.

The cost will be $500.00. This will suit  a  writer who is internet savvy, has a USA bank account, and the time and inclination to manage and promote their own book. That way they get to keep all the rewards.

We are still offering the 50% royalty option. On this plan we will do all of the above plus we will upload to all the major (and quite a number of lesser) platforms and manage the sites and the income. This can be quite a complex process, something not easy to master if you are doing this for the first time. The cost of this will be $400.00.

To sum up, we take away a lot of the technical complications, it costs you less, but you also only receive a 50% royalty.

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What does a publisher actually do?

These days many writers seem to think that they can easily self publish their manuscript. Many self publishing websites give a lot of promise. I would like to share informative articles from other writers, authors and publishers on this blog so visitors can learn from them.



No matter what your friends say, every manuscript needs editing. This is a job that you cannot do yourself, although if you engage a professional editor you will no doubt have some say on what they do for you.

Some of the tasks you should consider

  • EditorialVanity publishing houses
  • Book Design
  • How are eBooks different?
  • Printing pitfalls
  • Getting an ISBN
  • Distribution
  • Cataloging
  • e.Book edition
  • Marketing
  • Finance and Banking

How are e-Books different?book find

For your further reading we recommend:

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Dealing With Writer Insecurities And Self-Doubts

It’s all about content!

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