Cross Border Moving is Never Fun

Moving our publishing business cross-border

Towards the end of 2021 it became more of a challenge for me to continue the daily running of Kima Global Publishers. I had suffered health issues in mid-2021 and the recovery process has taken much longer than expected. I set an intention to sell the company or merge with another so that some of that burden could be lifted. A valuable life lesson is a rule that you first set an intention with full intensity and emotion, then forget it and allow it to transpire in good time. My life partner Nadine was certainly not able to take on my work in addition to the many tasks she has already committed to.

There were, of course, other signs as well, such as my publishing program collapsing and becoming irreparable. I let it be known to friends that I was ready for a change and sure enough, one of my friends was able to introduce me to a friend of hers in Scandinavia who was looking to expand. Her previous employers had gone bankrupt and she lost her job, so she decided to start her own company ePublishify Hybrid Publishers. Her problem was that she only had a few titles, not enough to be financially viable. We were able to offer her more than 100 titles in print to become an imprint under their banner. It seemed like a win for both of us; she got more than 100 titles for free and I was relieved of all the admin duties in exchange for an equal partnership of of 50% of our joint business.

The move to Denmark has proven much more difficult than expected. Part of the trouble has been caused by differences in our publishing models. Kima Books was partially manual whereas ePublishify’s aim is to make a completely automated system. It does make sense because more than 100 titles takes quite a bit of effort to run manually. Denmark also has different rules regarding ISBNs. They require new Danish ISBNs to replace the South African ones we had and this is costing a whack of money. This task is not yet complete. We will add the remaining titles in due course. It also necessitated changing the barcodes and the imprint pages of every title. Quite a job!

All the companies we are dealing with staff shortages caused by retrenchments during the fake Covid scamdemic. The staff that remain are under huge pressure with big in-boxes. Patience becomes a virtue.

The new web shop is now up and running. Please have a look at the wide selection now on offer.

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