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Is there a market for your non-fiction book?

Non-fiction book

Is there a market for your non-fiction book-in-progress?

The short answer is yes, especially if it is about your passion subject.

Having a book in print adds hugely to your credibility. You will find that you will be in demand for interviews if you have a book to offer. Those of us with a mission or a story to tell who do not have a book in publication always struggle to get interviewers’ attention.

Secondly, many who have attended a workshop either in person or on Zoom, would like to reinforce their experience by having a hard copy to read.

Back of the room sales are a winner for every speaker. They also offer an income stream which can help towards your costs. In our case we offer a 40% discount to authors who order their own books.

Having more than one book also helps people widen their knowledge of your subject and will appeal to people who already bought your first book.

Here’s a toast to the success of your new book!

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