The Best Selling Author

A successful book signing event.

This is a status that every author wants to achieve, however, it is not that easy and requires significant effort and marketing skills to achieve.

Robert Kiyasaki stayed with a friend in Singapore while he attended a conference there. The friend happened to be offering a sales course at the time.

The next day, after his presentation, a participant asked:

 “How can I become a best-selling author?”

Robert Kiyasaki replied:

“ Why don’t you sign up for a sales course.”

“ Don’t be ridiculous” answered the author “I am a writer, not a sales person.”

“ Did you notice” replied Kiyasaki “ It always states ‘best-selling author’, not ‘best writing author?”

The short answer is that a book will only do well if the author supports it and is a good marketer (or has engaged a good marketing team).

There have been a couple of cases in recent years of books that were in fact not that good, but were supported by aggressive marketing campaigns and as a result, achieved number one status on Best-Selling lists.

This is what happens when the book market gets flooded with mediocre titles. The good titles have to have proper marketing behind them otherwise they just don’t get seen.

Most traditional and independent publishers have marketing packages to which an author may subscribe (at a cost). However this can become expensive so you have to have the finance to back your book.

Another option is to Do It Yourself, but this requires some skill and quite a lot of time. A good example of this approach is Nadine May who spends a lot of time every day posting on all major platforms including Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and of course Facebook.

A publisher’s obligation is to publish, obviously. This includes all the hundreds of tasks that ensure wide availability for your title through distribution networks around the world, plus mechanisms to ensure that your book is found at the bookshop counter. It also includes all the business side of things: collecting the money, paying royalties and so on.

An author’s obligation is to support their book (in other words to become s best-selling author.

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