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Free assessment of your manuscript

Why not submit your work to me for a free assessment? I have thirty years of experience in publishing and am thus very qualified to guide you to get the best for your book. This is my way of giving back to authors who have been so supportive over the years. During that time my partner and I have also come across many Tragic Tales of authors who have sometimes spent a lot of money to get a box of books that remain just that. Their title gets no exposure whatsoever.

The whole world of publishing has changed dramatically in the last ten years as you can imagine. I will be publishing a series of blogs in the coming weeks about the world of modern publishing, how to avoid pitfalls and give your book the best chance of success in its life. Your writing is your creation, your baby if you will, so you do want it to succeed don’t you?

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Please keep an eye out for upcoming posts. I can assure you that you will learn a lot. Getting informed about the many options out there will be most helpful.


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4 responses to “Publishing advice

  1. How do I go about submitting a manuscript


  2. christophergn

    Can we simply get going with this?


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