Time to get Creative?

Author Nadine May has been working on a new series of Doodle Journals so that you can use doodling to access your soul qualities and establish a deep relationship with your Higher Self. We cannot stress how important this is at this time of Ascension. Indeed none of us can rise from our 3D existence to the perfection of 5D without a solid relationship to our Higher Self.

Each Doodle Journal is printed in full color on a spacious page size and has pages to complete a series of doodles relating to the chakra being addressed and the qualities of that chakra. There are also pages to journal your experiences and record your comments. People who have bought these have enjoyed a very positive experience. Why not begin with Volume One: The Base Chakra? 

Nadine also invites you to run courses in your home or neighborhood hall on this creative technique to develop your Higher Wisdom. Course support material is offered from her web site at quite a low cost. There is a course manual, posters, even T shirts and other products. This could be an income stream for you!

language of light workshops

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