Are GM foods safe?

With GMF we have a deliberate attempt from the beginning to confuse and to bypass the normal safety channels. Information was suppressed and deliberately contorted and attempts were made to present part of the story only, giving an impression that studies showed that GMF were safe to use when very clearly this was not exactly what all studies had showed. In fact there is good evidence that the opposite is true. Many substantial studies showed that GMF could be dangerous to our health, yet every effort was made to get these products into the market place as fast as possible before too much evidence as to their safety was available.
If one introduces a novel man made food product into the market the long term consequences could be seriously problematic. Cancer takes 10 to 20 years to develop and this also applies to many of the chronic diseases we see today. Research of only a few months in animals cannot possible give such long term prediction of harm or harmlessness and even a few studies showing harm should raise alarm bells. It is really not good enough that some short term studies showing safety should satisfy professionals in the face of the real possibility that genetic modification is touching the very heart of the cell structure.
GM crops have not been proven unconditionally safe and there is sufficient evidence to make many good scientists wary of this process. With this huge question mark around GM products, allowing them to be used freely by human beings and especially children is experimental. It is the kind of science that should not be allowed. Why would companies selling GM derived foods not want that information available clearly on the package?
Rats fed GM potatoes have shown serious defects. The rats suffered damaged immune systems; the thymus and spleen showed evidence of damage and some of the rats had smaller, less developed brains, livers and testicles. There were other defects that were interesting and of some concern. Some of the GM potatoes were nutritionally different to their non-GM parent lines even though they were grown in identical condions.


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