Is Spiritual Awakening Imminent?

I have come to believe that what we term enlightenment in various spiritual traditions is an act of biological transformation within the consciousness of matter. It is not a spiritual event so much as a biological event. It often happens spontaneously for people who have no spiritual background and who are not even looking for it. If this is so, then is it possible that as we go through changes in the consciousness of matter on a collective level, that a wave of enlightenment would follow?
Sri Aurobindo and his spiritual partner Mirra Alfassa, also known simply as the Mother, believed that this would be the case. A hundred years ago, they spoke of the supramental transformation that would be occurring on Earth and emphasized the necessity of experiencing this first in our own bodies. They spoke of waves of cosmic light that would move through human consciousness, preparing us for this great shift.
These waves are coming in now. Many systems are emerging all over the world with the intention of harnessing these waves and using them for inner transformation. My sense is that we are close to a critical mass, at which point the vast reservoirs of undiscovered potential within our DNA will get turned on. We can then harness the incoming cosmic energies and anchor them in the physical body, leading to what some refer to as taking the rainbow body, a process of unifying our physical bodies with our light bodies.

This is an extract from our new title Gaia Luminous by Kiara Windrider. Read more here.


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