Getting Clever with Social Media

This weekend I went on a course with Les Squires on being social media savvy.  I was always active but felt that I was not good enough at it; too much time spent with too little results. I am sure that you know the feeling.

Grateful thanks to my friend Dawn Pilatowicz for arranging this. It was a somewhat different experience, at least to start with because Dawn is a part time fund raiser for the Guide and Service dogs, so in addition to the participants we had five dogs attending. Time had to be taken to keep them from attacking each other, but in the end they settled down.

At any rate I learned things I didn’t know, neat tricks to make your social media life more effective which I am happy to pass on here. Les tells us that it is all about curating the content, in other words selecting elements and puttign them together to get a “WOW” result. It is also about organisation vs fragmentation.

  • Google Alerts: Go to Alerts and submit some favorite topics. In our case this would be something like “Healing” or “Weight loss”.  Google will alert you via your gmail account everytime someone searches for your Alert. The double inverted commas are important because otherwise you will get all the alerts for ‘weight’ and ‘loss’ separately and thus get flooded with inappropriate results. Chose your alerts with care. You can elect to get them as thye happen, once a day or once a week.
  • Hashtags: are a device created by Twitterbut now also adopted by Facebook. They search all public groups for content appropriate to you hashtag such as #Weight Loss and report back to you.  You can make it more specific by adding a + in front e.g. +#weight loss. It is also a good idea to make your hashtags unique to you. For example we recently published a book called Aistiq Meditation so we will hashtag it +#aistiqkima.
  • Organizing your bookmarks: On the Firefox browser one can categorise bookmarks into folders, so it is a good idea to place all your social media pages in one folder (private Facebook, business Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google alerts etc.). You then have an option to ‘open all’ which makes it really easy when booting up in the morning. I believe the same can be done on Chrome.
  • Google Drive: is a good place to develop collaborative projects or documents. Everyone who is a member of the group may contribute, add or make changes. It makes for a much quicker process than emails going back and forth. Google Drive is also an excellent place to develop a “resumé”, by making a table of all the sites where you are active or are a part of your working life.

I hope that I was able to pass on some of Les’s wisdom and that you cabn use it to advantage inn your business life.

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