Love based copywriting

I recently came across a system called Love Based Copywriting developed by Michele PW.

It is something I have been looking for for years and I am convinced that you as an author (or even not as an author) will find that this fresh approach just what you need to get away from fear based marketing and into a love based approach.

As she says, most traditional copywriting uses a fear based approach, emphasising that you are disempowered, sick, useless and socially unacceptable, and that is why it so often has a taste that is somewhat sleazy, slimy and second-hand-car-salesman-like, leaving a sour and bitter feeling behind. That, in essence, is why most people hate selling.

By contrast love-based copywriting gives one a feeling of joy in service and invites a positive response from your fans and customers.

I downloaded both the Kindle book and the workbook as a PDF and have been doing the exercises and developing new skills. The two books work together, with the text content in the book and the exercises in the work book. Fortunately I have a little tablet as well as a Kindle, so I can have them both open at the same time. I will gradually be re-writing our descriptions and our web site using this method.

Michele says that our first task is to get to know our ideal customer, what her (or his) needs are and what ‘keeps them awake at night’.  As part of this exercise, and to get to know you better I invite you to complete a quick eight question survey. We offer a FREE e-book (your choice from our web site) just for completing the easy questions. So how about giving it a go? Here is the link

Once again, grateful thanks to Michele PW for special gift of service. Highly recommended!

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