Losing a Precious Pet

9781920535711_frontcoverSurveys have found that people mourn more over the loss of their precious pet than they do over an uncle of whom they were not particularly fond. Understandably so because animals love unconditionally (something we all long for and need in our lives) so we develop storng bonds with them.

Then of course there is the agony of seeing someone you love suffering pain. Notice that I wrote ‘someone’ and not ‘some animal’ because in the end we pet owners see them as close to human. They are our ‘children’, our precious dependents.

Liesel Teversham watched her dog’s slow and agonising decline and eventual passing, but fortunately she is a highly skilled EFT practitioner, so she used these skills to help her deal with the trauma. If you, your friend, or someone in your family is goinng through this experience, this book will help you to cope. Click here now to find out more.

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  1. NadineMay

    Great book


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