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Why are we reading less these days

I just came across an excellent article on 3tags about the reasons why there is less and less reading being done in an online and electronic world.

It boils down to the scientific fact that every time we see something new it triggers a little flood of dopamine to the brain (pleasure charge) and if this happens often enough it will create a neural pathway that we prefer rather than getting into a subject in any depth.

That is why social media can be so addictive, but I am sure we all know that all the information to be found there is mostly superficial and trivial. Life can become a headlong rush into little soundbites of the new information that we are so addicted to.

This is also why there are no longer any dinner party conversations. There is no time for them because we already know about (at least superficially) all the most interesting topics.

How can we get back to a reading habit? We could make a start by giving ourselves strict rules (like we do with kids) such as no TV in the evening, do not feel tempted to check work related emails after hours, turn our smart phone off when meetign someone for coffee, even consider turning off your phone altogether on a Sunday.

Here is the link to the original article

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