Best of both worlds?

From recent inquiries and submissions we appreciate that some authors are not quite ready to leap into a 100% digital edition. For them an e-book is not something that they can hold in their hand and therefore less ‘real’.

Also older generation people and their friends and family are less likely to be up to date with the latest technology, so that will limit the market for their book. For a little extra investment of $300 (for an approximately 250 page book) we will typeset, design the cover and get to print ready files.

At this stage we will only be able to offer printing in the USA and South Africa. The cost of printed books will be about $10.00 or ZAR100.00. It will cost more to set up for printing in the UK and Australia.

It is rather sad to see the slow demise of printed books, because to many (myself included) there is nothing quite like the pleasure of opening a new book for the first time with keen anticipation of the reading pleasures to come. On the other hand a Kindle edition offers one an instant Large Print edition (in case you left your reading glasses at home) and audio edition (very handy on a night flight or for the sight impaired).

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